Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Full Size Plan For 1st Board

Today after a little bit of a ride out, we have planned out ruffly the layout the the points on the 1st board.
The 1st half of the layout is to house the Maintenace shed, fueling point, along with 2 catch points, diamond cross over, a double slip and a 3 way point, not to mention a number of normal points.
2nd board will be planned shortly hopefully.

A Shunter Is Spotted

Just a quick look at one of the locos that will be housed perminantly at the TMD and used in the yard, EWS 08, 08799 "Andy Bower".

Monday, 29 December 2008

A Final Plan Was Made

After another day baseboard making and after drawing a scaled down plan we have come up with a new plan as the orgianal would have been tight in the space we have.

Tomorrow after taking up a track of a different size we will be laying out a full size plan on the baseboards with the help of PECO templets

Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Baseboard takes shape

Today, as it is that boring time between Christmas and New Year, a trip to the local DIY store was made.
Some changes and been made and after working out that the PWay sidings would take up most of the 4' board, it was decided to make the whole layout 10' x 3'.
Here is a picture of the first baseboard which is 5' x 3'.
Tomorrow we will be making the second board and then planning out the whole layout with scale paper points thanks to PECO to see just what we can fit and then plan were we have got to cut out for point motors etc.More Pictures will come tomorrow to show the plan of the layout.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

A New TMD takes shape

Quarry Lane TMD is not much of a layout at the moment, it is still very much in the planning stages.
The baseboard for the TMD will be 8' x 2'6", will have the fiddle yard, which will more than likely be cassettes self contained within the layout, it will be under the main line which will be part of the Southern mainline and have a PWay track gang working on the line.
As the layout is in the planning stage, I have no pictures as of yet, but all I can say is that the layout will have a reception and exit road, a PWay siding, along with siding for tamper and RHTT for work on the Southern line. Two road maintenance shed and a fueling bay.

I will post pictures of the locos that will be running in and out of the TMD in time and some pictures on the next stage of the planning after we have made the baseboards.