Thursday, 18 March 2010

Track 80% laid

There has been some very worth while track laying done over the last couple of weekends, we have now laid about 80% of the track work, with two lengths of track and two board joins to lay left, before the wiring task starts.

Just so people know what we have on laid, on the left we have a yard and loop for network rail test trains or manger trains that might vist, or the odd steam special to be coaled and watered.

To the right of that we have installed three roads for two engines in each road to be stored before next duties.

Then on the right we have the reseption and exit road for engines come on shed for fueling and maintenance.

Then on the right again in building we have a Network rail yard for MPVs and the odd ballast train and loading of road railers.

At the other end of the board we have another 3 way point with two roads leading to the maintenace shed and a road up the side which is having a pit in stalled for outside maintenance.

On the right of that we have a two road fueling siding that will accept one loco on each road.

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